Sugar Bear Alaskan Treasures is a woman-owned and operated business that has historical ties to the Tlingit and Haida Tribes of Alaska. Both Kathy and Renee have personal and educational foundations in Southeast Alaska Native Culture and Arts totaling over 60 years of knowledge and experience.

Kathy and Renee, the Sugar Bear Girls, produce quality Southeast Alaska Native performance and formal wearable art that uses materials which hold cultural significance. An innovative use of traditional styles combined with materials that appeared during the Art Renaissance Era in which there was an explosion of new materials produces stunning contemporary wearable art. Kathy and Renee bring traditional concepts of art in modern ways by creating pieces in which every detail is attended.

Sugar Bear Alaskan Treasures is a cottage industry that produces unique pieces of wearable art. All items are handcrafted, offering Kathy and Renee time to create a limited supply of quality pieces.

*Explore the HISTORY Tab for more information about the historical significance of the materials we use.

Kathy Rado ~ Dune

Kathy is a Haida woman living in Juneau, Alaska. She is a Southeast Alaskan who has studied and been involved in the Southeast Alaska Native arts for the past 35 years. Her background in the Southeast Alaska Native Arts is extensive, including but not limited to fur work, weaving, regalia making, and more recently creating jewelry.

Renee Culp ~ Tl’aagunk

Renee is a Tlingit woman living in Juneau, Alaska. She is from Hoonah, Alaska and has studied Southeast Alaska Native arts since she was a young child watching her mother, Wanda Culp of Kashudoha Visions, create beautiful pieces of art in their home. Renee’s creations include but are not limited to beading, regalia making, and more recently creating jewelry.

Silver Hand Permit Holder

The Silver Hand program helps Alaska Native artists promote their work in the marketplace and enables consumers to identify and purchase authentic Alaska Native art. The seal indicates that the artwork on which it appears is created by hand in Alaska by an individual Alaska Native artist. Only original contemporary and traditional Alaska Native artwork, not reproductions or manufactured work, may be identified and marketed with the Silver Hand seal. The Silver Hand image is protected under Alaska trademark statute and regulation and may only be used by individuals or organizations with Alaska State Council on the Arts’ explicit written permission.

Permit #2784